Future - Future

Future - Future


Usually, a self-titled album signifies a more personal album and with Future being idle for a minute, there is now doubt his new LP will offer a deeper insight of his work. The rapper actually claimed he wants to “go back to being a more underground” artist and reconnect with his true fans, so you should know what to expect. Smash the play and download buttons now and thank us later!

  1. Rent Money
  2. Good Dope
  3. Zoom
  4. Draco
  5. Super Trapper
  6. POA
  7. Mask Off
  8. High Demand
  9. Outta Time
  10. Scrape
  11. I'm So Groovy
  12. Might As Well
  13. Poppin' Tags
  14. Massage In My Room
  15. Flip
  16. When I Was Broke
  17. Feds Did A Sweep
Comments: 32
  • Out the pot
    Scrape scrape
  • tzeezySA
    for your kidz only!!!
  • Charles
    Dope album. <a href="www.viperial2.com/albums/view/3721/future-future"></a>
  • YFN swish
    it ain't bad it got a couple of bangers
  • Trash
    Trash music like migos and young thug
  • Nick
  • Clive
    Lit af
  • efaj khan
    Fire Straight up
  • Adrian
    Future and Esco against the world for Real
  • kmc
    ZOOM is straight fieeeeeeee
  • Ghost
    This is why he is my favorite rapper since DS1
  • wzy druggz
    Doing listenin parties in africa so lit fbg wurl wide
  • just Molf
    This Is Rubbish Every Song Sounds The Same Can't Even Hear What The F..... He Is Saying I This Kinda Music Is Made For Aliens Not Human
  • kj
    my god this is trash all songs sound the same. Future so garage now
  • Charles
    STFU Michael if It is then why you listen to it dummy
  • Michael
    trap is fucking up the proper lyrical rap game
  • $k100
    Thanks viperial and thanks future for this master piece this album is super litty future is the king of trap music fuck y'all haters.
  • lkanis
    straight fire
  • Lappxan
    Fire shit. Hit and miss but there's definitely some appealing Future here.
  • Jr809
  • ExcellAngel
    Pluto da plug...album is hoot
  • Lil Uzi vert!
    Mask on,fuck it,mask off...chase a check never chase a bic*h.Fireeeeeee
  • MS
    Feds did a sweep is so fire
  • Travis scott
    Not what i expected ... Not enough heat
  • internet thug
    viperial the real plug
  • WeezYy
    I'm so groovy mhhhh! Mhhh I like that dawg
  • Flam3s
    Okay okay this entire album will bang in the whip, prob set it on FIRE!!
  • DesiignerOG
    Thanks bro
  • Young Jeffrey
    Dhope tune Future Hendrix you have done it all
  • Ac
    I can't understand half of what he says! Lol.. He is definitely the originator of the mumble jumble SHIT! Bangin beats makes this ass
  • Big Ol Dick
    This song makes me want to stroke my cactus
  • Futuristic?
    Is this really the future? O.O
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